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The dangers of not using the correct additives with your coolant system

Posted on May 15, 2019 in Engines, Highlighted, Investigation & Rectification, News, Overhauls | Comments Off on The dangers of not using the correct additives with your coolant system

We’ve got 12 Waukesha cylinder heads in for an overhaul at the moment and every single one of them has water erosion damage.

I thought I’d make a quick video so you can see the damage caused when correct additives are not used with your coolant system.

Here’s what you’re seeing on this video: • That hole is NOT meant to be here. The untrained eye might think that it’s part of the water jacket, but it’s actually a result of water erosion damage. Waukesha cylinder head water erosion caused by untreated water • The cylinder head gasket will prevent the coolant leaking for a time, but then the engine will suffer a loss of coolant and damage through overheating. • So, prevention is about having the right additive mix in place and systems to make sure this is maintained. • Once this damage has occurred, the head could be replaced, but if it’s like these Waukesha heads, they are no longer in production (and this would be a costly choice). • One alternative option would be to convert a gas engine head, or in this instance, what we will be doing for this customer is to machine out the hole and plug it. This is a process we’ve used many times before, in particular on Ruston cylinder heads and gives a far quicker and cheaper option for the operator. Not only that, it eliminates the problem of trying to source replacement heads, which in this case are obsolete.

I hope this shows the importance of getting your coolant additives right, but if you’ve got any questions, engine issues or are looking at assembly repairs and need a trustworthy engine specialist with an excellent track record for your job, email us info@bartechmarine.com or call +44 (0)1206 673101.

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