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Caterpillar crankshaft damage to threads and bolts

Posted on May 9, 2019 in Generators, Highlighted, Investigation & Rectification, News, Overhauls | Comments Off on Caterpillar crankshaft damage to threads and bolts

Caterpillar crankshaft damage to threads and bolts

We’re supporting a client who is overhauling 4 Caterpillar 3512 generator sets at the moment, and we got the email below from them this morning…

Crankshaft thread repair email There is a translation error in that this is an issue with the crankshaft and not camshaft, but this is where the beauty of photographs can help! Crankshaft thread repair Our advice was to helicoil the damaged threads (which is a recognised process by the OEM), though there are certain considerations in carrying out this process:
    1) Drill hole to tapping size for helicoil
    2) Due to the size of these holes, you won’t be able to use an ordinary drill so would recommend using a magnetic drill with the correct size cutter
    3) Use correct size cutter for the helicoils. If this is a 1” UNF thread, then a 26mm cutter will be needed for the mag drill.
    4) Key to this repair is making sure when tapping the thread that the tap is in square

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