Caterpillar C32 coupling deterioration

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Caterpillar C32 coupling deterioration

Last week we had two Caterpillar C32 propulsion engines in our workshop for an hours-based overhaul.

After starting the dismantling and inspection process, we identified issues on each engine that would have gone unnoticed if the operator had not removed the engines for overhaul and continued running them instead.

If left unchecked, these issues would have led to catastrophic failure and possible engine replacement whilst stranding the vessel.

On the port and starboard engines, we found this:

Damaged Cat C32 Drive Coupling

The drive couplings are so badly damaged they will need replacing.

This damage could be due to several factors, such as:

• Too much torque
• Vibration
• Alignment

Because this is an “off-engine” part, it is not mentioned in the engine maintenance schedule; but with the risk of damage caused by deterioration, and results of losing drive from the engine, it needs to be included in your maintenance plans.

We would recommend that once a year, you remove the flywheel guard and check the condition of your drive couplings and drive discs to prevent these risks.

If you need any help with this or come across any problems, email us or call +44 (0)1206 673101.

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