Cummins engine – cracked crankshaft?

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Cummins engine – cracked crankshaft?

Over the Christmas period, we were busy preparing for various upcoming work scopes, including the overhaul of a Cummins KTA 3067 set (based on a KTA50 engine).

During the initial survey and dismantle, we found ourselves having a conversation we’ve had many times with different operators and one I’m sure you’ll be familiar with!

The initial engine symptoms were abnormal knocking noise and excessive smoke, and it was during the inspections that we found this:

Cummins crankshaft damage

Based on these discoveries, discussions began about whether the crankshaft needs to be removed and fully inspected, including MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection) crack tested.

The reality is there is only so much inspection that can be carried out whilst the crankshaft is still positioned in the engine, and the only way to have confidence with this critical engine part is to take it out.

You will always have to take into account the timings and costs of having this carried out, but when you can already see signs of damage, is it worth taking the gamble?

I am pleased to say the operator shares our passion for doing things the right way and we had the crankshaft back in our workshop for all the necessary checks.

Having completed all the measurements, inspection and MPI checks we can have the confidence when completing the rebuild.

Do you ever have these challenges of carrying out best technical practices and cost/time restrictions?

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