Fraser, Kelvin and excessive noise…

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Fraser, Kelvin and excessive noise…

We all know that regular and timely servicing is crucial, especially in an industry like ours, where safety and reliability are paramount.

Two of our engineers, Fraser and Kelvin, are currently on a site with an issue that is a stark reminder of why.

They’d been asked to attend to conduct routine maintenance on some emergency generators that had been used continuously for power over a prolonged period.

As well as conducting the servicing, they were also investigating some reported noise coming from the rockers or valves on one cylinder.

Fraser and Kelvin got into the inspection and found that one of the adjusting screws on the exhaust valve had broken off…

Rocker Adjuster Breakage

Luckily it was caught by the intermediate cover, which had prevented it from falling into any other moving parts and causing further issues.

The locking nut had either come loose or not been torqued sufficiently during the previous service, which allowed the adjuster to unscrew through vibration until eventually it struck the rocker cover and snapped off.

Thankfully, due to this client having an effectively planned maintenance schedule, we caught the fault before serious damage occurred and replaced the offending screw.

Do you have a maintenance schedule in place? If you are due a service or need advice on appropriate intervals for your assets, email us or call +44 (0)1206 673101 and we’d be happy to assist.

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