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Over To You

Posted on December 13, 2017 in Engines, Highlighted, Innovations | Comments Off on Over To You

Over To You

As someone who knows the importance of diesel engine uptime, we’d like to ask you one question.

You’ll probably know, the main aim of our emails and posts is to provide technical insights to improve the safety, reliability and performance of diesel engines, based on our actual experience of engine maintenance and improvements across your sector. We wanted to reach out to you and see if there were any recurring problems or frustrations related to engines that you have that we haven’t covered yet, but you could do with support for. If it’s okay, we’ll then share the answers with others who would be suffering the same, or who may come across it in the future to help them identify and resolve things quicker. If not, we’ll still tap into our wealth of experience to give you some solutions. Obviously, we’d like to think that everything runs smoothly, all the time, but appreciating the complexities of engines, know this isn’t the case! Does that sound okay? As a reminder, we have extensive knowledge of all aspects of diesel engines including governors, turbochargers and fuel systems.

Look forward to helping – please send over your problems and frustrations to info@bartechmarine.com and we’ll play engine agony aunt!

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