The Importance of a Clean Engine and Clear Air Filters

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The Importance of a Clean Engine and Clear Air Filters

About 10 months ago, we overhauled a turbocharger on a client’s Caterpillar C7 engine.

Last week they called us due to an issue – after 130 running hours, the turbo had seized, and they wanted us to repair the unit under warranty.
Which – naturally – we were happy to do.
But as it turned out, the turbo hadn’t seized.
The normal cause of seized turbos is a lack of oil to the bearing – as they could be turning at 20,000 RPM, the shaft needs sufficient lubrication.
But this wasn’t the problem here – it was something much simpler.
Instead, some paper had been allowed to get into the air intake, stuck between the compressor wheel and casing, and this had stopped the turbo turning.

Caterpillar C7 Engine Turbocharger

Caterpillar C7 Engine Turbocharger with paper recovered from the air intake.

It sounds simple to fix, and it was relatively easy, but the reality is that the damage could have been A LOT worse, and a lot more expensive.

So that’s our takeaway this week: please make sure that your engine is fully cleaned if any parts are removed and ensure that your air filters are operating.
If they’re not, your engine isn’t being protected, and the potential for damage increases.

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