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Swing sets; not just for generator engine turbochargers

Posted by on March 1, 2017 in Engines, Highlighted, Overhauls, Turbo Chargers | Comments Off on Swing sets; not just for generator engine turbochargers

Swing sets; not just for generator engine turbochargers
At the end of last year, we started working with Maersk, the world’s largest shipping company, and we introduced them to the idea of “swing sets” for their generator engine turbochargers. Thought I’d share something that has been widely used on safety critical engines in the oil and gas market but is now being embraced in other industries.   With the swing sets in place, they saved over 68% on the overhaul cost of their turbocharger and the work was completed whilst the vessel was being unloaded, meaning no disruption to their schedule.  Having several similar sets the same is a quick win, with huge savings and little to no downtime. Let us explain in diagram form: Traditional approach for every overhaul;       The swing set model is nothing new, but seems to be underutilised:               Sometimes “service exchange units” are available, but they don’t offer the same cost savings. When you re-utilise an overhauled assembly from the original engine, you’ve got the peace of mind and reassurance that it’s going to be right With the swing set in place, you’ll also have your own spare assemblies available to react to any breakdowns.   The beauty of this process is that it’s not just applicable to turbo cartridges, you could benefit from swing sets on cylinder heads, injectors, water pumps, fuel pumps, or any other major assembly.   If you’ve got three or more of the same engines, regardless of your industry, you could make huge savings, just by using this approach.

Do you implement something similar?  Or wondering whether it could be right for you?

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