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Mirrlees Blackstone Engines

Looking for help with Mirrlees Blackstone Engine Overhauls, Maintenance and Spares?

With a wealth of experience on the E-Series and K-Series engines, Bartech can give you the support you need for complete Mirrlees Blackstone engine overhauls, component overhauls and parts supply.

Although Blackstone & Co was established in 1889, it wasn’t until it became Lister Blackstone that it started producing the E- series engines, including the ER, ERS, ESS, ETSL, EWSL and ESL models.

Following a takeover by Hawker Siddeley Group, the Blackstone history continued in the form of Mirrlees Blackstone engines, which bought the K series engines, including K-Major, into the family.

Mirrlees Blackstone engines are popular in applications including:

Bartech’s previous projects have included the reconditioning of a complete ERS-8M engine, servicing on ESL-12 and ETSL-8 engines.

Mirrlees Blackstone Engine 16EVSL. Service carried out by Bartech.

Mirrlees Blackstone Engine 16EVSL. Service carried out by Bartech.

If you have an issue with your Mirrlees Blackstone engine or need advice, give us a call on 01206 791552 or email us at info@bartechmarine.com, we’re more than happy to help.

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